Caravan Orchestra & Choir
Haifa <> Weimar
August 7, Sat 07:00 PM @Sparkassenbühne at BUGA, Petersberg Erfurt

The award-winning orchestra and choir project returns in 2021 with exciting new arrangements of traditional Yiddish and Middle Eastern music. The project brings together young German, Israeli and Palestinian instrumentalists and vocalists in the spirit of shared human experience. The powerful sound of the 40-piece ensemble takes the audience on a journey through an eclectic mix of languages and musical styles. Join us in sorrow and ecstasy, singing and dancing, laughter and celebration.

Jiryis Murkus Ballan (IL/USA) - artistic co-director orchestra
Polina Shepherd (GB) - artistic co-director choir
Amal Murkus (IL) - artistic co-director choir
Ilya Shneyveys (LTV/USA) - artistic co-director orchestra

Members of Caravan Orchestra and Caravan Choir

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