Dear Friends of Yiddish Summer Weimar!
In recent weeks we have received many inquiries about Yiddish Summer Weimar 2022.
The horrifying events and human suffering taking place as a result of Russia’s attack on Ukraine have cast a very dark shadow over everything else. We have converted the OMA building in Weimar into temporary housing for Ukrainian refugees, and helping them to be safe is our highest priority right now.
As you know, Yiddish Summer Weimar is dedicated to being a place where people of all nationalities, ethnicities, ages, religions and genders can meet each other in a spirit of learning, creativity, empathy, individuality and community, and appreciating rather than fearing differences. In that spirit, we share with you the basic information about Yiddish Summer Weimar 2022, with full details to be published at a more appropriate time.
With the fervent wish for an immediate end to the suffering, violence and destruction,

Alan Bern & the Yiddish Summer Weimar team

Zoom into Yiddish Summer Weimar 2021!

Zoom into Yiddish Summer Weimar 2021! from Eyal Davidovitch on Vimeo.

© Photos in the collage : Friedrich Schiller Archiv, Foto: Andreas Fiedler (Das Goethe-Schiller-Denkmal auf dem Theaterplatz in Weimar), Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine 2017 (Kiselgof & students), courtesy of Elena Bayevskaya (Beregovski & students), National Library of Israel, Schwadron collection (Kadya Molodovsky), Kathryn Hellerstein (Celia Dropkin), Uri Rimon (Sharon Bar-Kochva), Randi Thompson (Clara Byom), Yuri Vedenyapin (Miriam Camerini), Chris Macke (Christina Crowder), Shendl Copitman Kovnatskiy (Daniel Kahn & Yeva Lapsker), Vladimir Bondarenko (Mark Kovnatskiy), Manuel Miethe (Sveta Kundish), Adam Berry (Sasha Lurje), Yulia Kabakova (Hannah Ochner), Daniel A. Byers (Abigale Reisman), Rozhinkes (Samuel Seifert), AdrianBuckmaster (Lorin Sklamberg), Ariane Lorke (Janina Wurbs) ///// Design : Sayumi Yoshida & Alan Bern