Introduction to Klezmer
August 3 - 7
10 a.m. – 1 p.m. & 3 – 6 p.m.

with Jutta Bogen, Susi Evans & Szilvia Csaranko

2021 is a very exciting year to start or to deepen your exploration of Yiddish instrumental music (klezmer). Thanks to our special partner this year, the Kiselgof-Makonovetsky Digital Manuscript Project, we’ll be exploring an incredible treasure trove of klezmer music that was collected in villages and towns of Ukraine and Belarus more than one hundred years ago. Many of these very beautiful melodies haven’t been played or heard since then. Until now! Klezmer virtuosi and expert teachers Jutta Bogen, Szilvia Csaranko and Susi Evans will guide you both by ear and with written music, going into details such as phrasing, ornamentation, style and accompaniment and the roles and functions of different instruments within the ensemble. All instruments are welcome – winds, strings, brass, keyboards and percussion. You don’t need prior experience with klezmer music, but you do need to be able to play your instrument. So if your musical “home” is classical, jazz, or something else, but you’re ready to discover the beauty of Yiddish music, or if you’re already on the road of Yiddish music but want to go deeper with the help of superb teachers, this workshop is for you!

Workshop fee: 345 € Standard / 270 € Reduced / 470 € Sponsor / 145 € under 18 / 50 € Affected by the Corona pandemic
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