Become a member of Other Music Academy e.V.!

Would you like for us to be able to continue presenting the fascinating mix of workshops, concerts, dance evenings, symposia, jam sessions and everything else that goes into Yiddish Summer Weimar? Then we urgently need your help! Become a member of Other Music Academy e.V. and help keep our uniquely innovative festival of Yiddish culture alive! As a member, you enjoy special benefits, too, such as discounts on workshops, early information about programs, and direct input into planning processes. And, if you like, you can contribute your skills to our fast-growing organization and connect with a community of member volunteers from all over the world (see Get involved!).

You can send membership fees or tax-deductible donations via PayPal or directly to our bank account and we will send you a written confirmation (Please ask us for the account information).

Annual membership fees for Other Music Academy e.V.
According to the „Other Music Academy“ by laws, Section V., Paragraph 2.

- employed & self-employed people: 50 €
- people receiving retirement or unemployment benefits: 40 €
- unemployed people and students: 30 €
- legal bodies, Institutions: 100 €

Dependants of members pay 75% of the rate listed above.
Those who become members in the 2nd half of any year pay only 50% of the rate listed above.

In special cases, the Other Music Academy e.V. board may allow the annual membership fee to be reduced or waived.
Enacted by the founding membership meeting of Other Music Academy e.V. on November 14, 2005.