Yiddish Instrumental Music (Klezmer) Intermediate & Advanced
August 10 – 16
10 a.m. – 1 p.m. & 3 – 6 p.m.

with Alan Bern, Christina Crowder, Christian Dawid, Emil Goldschmidt, Mark Kovnatskiy, Abigale Reisman and Samuel Seifert

For klezmer musicians, 2020-21 has been a landmark year! Thanks to the work of the Kiselgof-Makonovetzky Digital Manuscript Project, hundreds of tunes collected by the An-Ski expeditions in Ukraine and Belarus more than a century ago have been made available to today’s international community of klezmer musicians. In this workshop, we’ll learn the story behind this epic event and bring music back to life. Music that had been lying dormant in archives for decades. Working both by ear and with written transcriptions, this workshop will include plenary sessions as well as separate intermediate and advanced sessions for instruments, interpretation and style, theory and improvisation. Along with a close study of the repertoire, we will explore both traditional and more open-ended ways to arrange it for performing today. After many months of zoom meetings, this workshop will be the first chance for many musicians from around the world to meet in person in one place, play this music live and use it to create new music together! If you can play your instrument well and either play along with or lead a 30-minute klezmer jam session, then this workshop is for you! (If not, please take a look at the Introduction to Klezmer Music Workshop).

Workshop fee: 460 € Standard / 355 € Reduced / 635 € Sponsor / 180 € under 18 / 70 € Affected by the Corona pandemic
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