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Tue, Aug 3, ’21   07:30 PM @Herderplatz

YSW Wandering Stars Song Project

A celebration of traditional and New Yiddish Song

Inspired by songs collected 100 years ago in Ukraine and Belarus that until recently slumbered in an archive of the Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine, the Song Project is a celebration of the beauty and variety of Yiddish song and singing styles. Folk songs, liturgical songs, songs of celebration and wordless melodies of devotion and ecstasy share the stage in this international, co-creation project. Featuring some of today’s most charismatic and influential creators and performers of traditional and New Yiddish Song. 

Patrick Farrell (USA/D) - piano, accordion 
Craig Judelman (USA/D) - violin 
Sveta Kundish (D) - voice 
Sasha Lurje (D) - voice 
Polina Shepherd (GB) - voice, piano 
Lorin Sklamberg (USA) - voice, accordion, piano

Location: Herderplatz, Herderplatz, 99423 Weimar
Contact:, +49(0)15776463340
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